All State Chair Placement instructions and video


First, thank you for agreeing to judge this year. There is a video at the bottom of the page from the meeting we held on March 17. Some important things to remember.

  1. If you have issues with HeartOut go to and submit a ticket. If they have not responded within 12 hours, please submit another ticket.
  2. You are ranking the students you are judging; ties should be avoided
  3. For wind and string bass, the total score is 100: 90 for the etude and 10 for tone
  4. For percussion, the total score is 150. 50 for the mallet, 50 snare, and 50 for timpani. Remember they are required to do the the 2 mallet exercise and the 4 four mallet exercise. These will be on the same video.
  5. Your sign in credentials will be released April 13th at 9:00am. It is the same credentials you received when you registered students.
  6. Please do not add comments to the student page. Any comments put in the program will be visible by the director and student. Include your numeric score and the HeartOut program will tabulate the score.

When you log in you will see the instrument you are judging, click open and you will see the students. Click on a student and you can listen. The numbers are a drop down menu. Please let me encourage you. to keep a tally sheet, just to help you rank.

Once you finish please email Doug Farris at

When you log in you will see the instrument you should be judging. CLICK ON OPEN

Once it opens you will see the student files. Click on the student you want to listen to.

Once the file opens you will see the video. You can click on the FLOATING VIDEO and it will be in a small window you can drag down to the scoring section.

At the bottom of the page you will see the scoring tab. You will use the numeric section DO NOT USE Suggestions for improvement.

Click on the arrow by the numbers for the tone. It is a range from 1-10

Click on the arrows by the etude number. The range is 1-90.

Please remember this is a ranking. Try to avoid ties.

Meeting video from March 17