Composer/Arranger Composition Publisher Instrument
‘White, D. Sonata (omit 2nd mvt) Lud Tuba
0zawa Monologue Pet Double Bass
Abc. K. Works for Marimba (any one) Sch - (EM Mallet Perc.
Abe, K. Michi for Marimba MFP - (Ply) Mallet Perc.
Abel, A. 2040’s Sortie Lud Snare drum or Multiple perc.
Abel, A. Hi Ho Simpson CF Snare drum or Multiple perc.
Abert, J.J. Concerto in D (solo tuning, some treble & tenor clef) (any mvt) So Double Bass
Absil, Jean Etude (unaccp.) Bill - (TP) Alto Saxophone
Absil, Jean Suite (omit 1st or 2nd mvt) dH - (BH) Trombone
Absil, Jean Contes (omit 2nd mvt) (Bb or C trpt) dH - (BH) Cornet
Adams, B. Sonata (Bb or C trp) BrPr Cornet
Adams, L. Largo from Empire Sonata AMP - (HL) French Horn
Adler, S. Canto II (unaccp) (any two) Ox Trombone
Adler, S. Canto IX (for 5 timpani and 6 roto toms) Lud Timpani
Adler, S. Oboration (unaccp) TP Oboe
Adler, S. Canto I (unaccp) (any two or #4) Ox Cornet
Adler, Sam Canto Xl (unaccp) Lud French Horn
Adler, Samuel Sonata (play to bar 150 or from bar 79) So Bb Clarinet
Adler, Samuel Soundings So Alto Saxophone
Aguila, Miguel del Hexen (Witches) some tenor clef (string orch accp on rental) Peer - (TP) Bassoon