Adjudication Certification

Adjudication Committee Chairman

Joel Henson



The purpose of this policy is to provide information which is beneficial to the prospective or experienced Adjudicator. It is our hope that this information will help with preparation for a successful adjudication experience for the Adjudicator, director and band students in the state of Alabama. It has long been held by the ABA that participation in Music Performance Assessments is a major means of evaluating performances of bands throughout Alabama. The role of the ABA Adjudicator is crucial to the success of this process, in that consistency in the evaluation of performances on a statewide basis is critical to the maintenance of an effective Music Performance Assessment. The information that follows is compiled from sources that include the ABA By laws and Adjudication Committee members, as is set forth to assist ABA Adjudicators in preparing for a successful Adjudication experience.

PLEASE REMEMBER – The ABA Board of Directors has the authority to add or delete names on the Adjudicators List at any regular or special called Board meeting.


  1. Deadline for all application submission:  March 1st (All parts must be complete for consideration)
  2. Adjudication Committee meets to review applications annually at the All State Band Festival.
  3. Recommendations are presented to the ABA Board of Directors for consideration annually at the ABA Summer Board meeting. 
  4. Candidates will be notified by July 1st by the Executive Secretary.
  5. Questions about certification should be addressed to the Adjudication Committee Chair.


A. Requirements for Concert/Sight-Reading Adjudication

1.  Have a minimum of 15-years experience as a Band Director/Conductor of a recognized instrumental music organization.

2.  Has consistently received superior ratings in concert festivals throughout their career. 

3.  Be a member of NAfME or their state band director’s association. 

*All applicants must meet these eligibility requirements before proceeding with the application process.