All State Solo Festival Registration

2023 All State Solo Festival Instructions

The All-State Solo Festival is held each year on the day before the All-State Band Festival begins and is at the same site. Any student who will be participating in the All-State Band Festival is eligible to perform one (1) solo in the All-State Solo Festival. The All-State Solo Festival Entry Form as found on the ABA website MUST BE COMPLETE IN EVERY ASPECT.  The registration form and the $35.00 registration fee and $10.00 School fee. Changes cannot be made to the program once the registration deadline has passed.

1. The All State Solo Festival preliminary competition will be held virtually using the Heartout app.

2. Registration deadline for the All State Solo Festival is March 1.  The video submission window will open March 8, 2024 at 8am and will close March 22, 2024 at midnight. Late submissions will not be assessed.

3. Any student who was selected for the All State Band is eligible to perform one (1) solo in the All State Solo Festival.

4. Directors will have to upload a score to Doug Farris by March 1, 2024. The link to upload a score is on the member side of the website. Scores must be scanned into one document not a document for each page. Scans must be readable and measures are required to be numbered. Name the file category/title/student last name. example: woodwind/concerto/farris

5. Students will need to treat their prelims recording like an actual audition.  Students will need to dress in their desired formal attire.  The venue for their recording should also be considered. (church, recital hall, band room, auditorium, etc.)  

6. Students should all record their auditions using the landscape mode on their smartphone.  The accompanist must be visible in your recording.  

7. Solos must be chosen from the ABA approved list of solos.  All solos must be accompanied unless the solo was written to be played unaccompanied.  Recorded accompaniment is allowed.

8. The first ten (10) minutes of a student’s audition will be considered by the judging panel.  However, if the student is chosen as a finalist, their entire recording will be considered in overall placement.

9. Solos will be awarded the rating of “Superior”, “Excellent”, or “Good.” All soloists who receive a “Superior” rating will be awarded a medal.  The top 9 soloists will be awarded Medallions at the All State Festival.

Solo Festival Finalist’s Information

Solo Fest Finalist will be notified on April 5, 2024

1. The Solo Festival Finals Concert is April 24, 2024 at 7pm in the Saturn Ballroom in Huntsville, Alabama.  Call Time for Finalists is 6:30pm.  You will report to the Saturn 1 at VBC.

2. Performance order will be determined at a Mandatory Zoom Meeting for directors of participants on Sunday, April 21, 2024  at 2pm. 

3. The results of the All State Solo Festival will be announced at 3:55pm between the White and Red band concerts  All finalists must be in attendance at this announcement.  Solo Festival finalists need to be in their concert attire.

4. Each finalist will be given a 15 minute warm up opportunity in the concert venue.  This is for your benefit; not required.

5. Each soloist will receive a commemorative recording of their performance at no charge.  Please refrain from flash photography and cell phone recording during the performances.

7. Directors can see students’ prelim scores in the director portal of Heartout.

Directors must register students for this event. A registration form is found below but must be filled out by band director that is a member on this website.


Scores can be uploaded after you register. Return to this page and click link above and upload document. Please scan into one file. Do not scan multiple pages. Follow instructions on naming file.

This form can only be completed by the student’s band director that is a active NAfME member.