Proposed New Cumulative List

ABA Membership,

The Music Selection Committee has proposed legislation for Music Performance Assessment to utilize Level 1-6 Cumulative Lists beginning with the 2023-2024 school year.   This legislation will be discussed and voted on at AMEA in January 2023.  The committee members and numerous band directors from the state have spent countless hours going through our current lists to classify compositions by level and update the lists.  There are compositions that have been removed from the lists.  These were either out of print, have not been played in 8+ years, or were duplicates on another list.  It is important to note that compositions can be added back to our cumulative lists through the Music Selection Committee.  The process of removing or adding compositions is the normal process and duty of the Music Selection Committee.

Beginning on September 1, the Level 1-6 Cumulative Lists will be placed on for members to view.  If the membership approves the proposed legislation, the Level 1-6 Cumulative Lists will be adopted by the Music Selection Committee during the 2023 Summer Conference.  It is important to note again that even if this is approved at AMEA in January, the legislation will not take effect for this school year’s MPA.  If passed, the Level 1-6 Cumulative Lists and legislation, would go into effect for the 2023-2024 school year.

We encourage members to view the proposed legislation and Level 1-6 Cumulative Lists prior to AMEA.  Feel free to contact me or members of the Music Selection Committee with any questions.


Lori Hart

Director of Bands

Guntersville High School


Alabama Bandmasters Association


Proposed Cumulative List

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