All State Band Festival Registration & Information

Huntsville, AL April 24-27, 2024

All State Festival information, schedules, deadlines and general information.

  1. Registration is open from February 1 thru March 1, 2024. The March 1 deadline is when the fees must be postmarked at the post office. After March 1, directors have one week to register with a $50.00 late fee. Please remember the deadline is not the submission of the form on this site, but mailing the of fees to the executive secretary.
  2. Fees: $40.00 per student and $50.00 school fee.
  3. Fees are to be mailed the ABA Executive Secretary Doug Farris, 3227 Sweetbriar Rd SW Decatur, AL 35603
  4. DO NOT REGISTER ALTERNATES!!! Doug Farris will contact the directors of alternates if they are selected.
  5. ALTERNATE SELECTION PROCESS. If you have a student that has been selected for All State and they cannot attend, the director must notify Doug Farris by email at The vacancy will be filled from the alternate from their district. If there is not an alternate or they have already been selected, the alternate will be selected from their sister district. If there is not one available, then the remainder of the alternates will be considered by grade level.
  6. March 29, 2024 is the last day to add alternates.
  7. Students will audition through the Heartout app. The window for the audition is listed below. The placement will be announced on April 22nd.
  8. Students must bring a stand and necessary musical supplies. ( Mute, pencil, extra reeds) Saturday’s dress will the student’s school concert attire.
  9. Director’s invoice will be dated when you hit submit. Please plan accordingly when registering.
  10. If you have filled out a registration and made a mistake, please do not fill out another form. Email Doug Farris for instructions.
  11. The invoice will emailed to you once you submit the form.
  12. Schools with more than one director will register on the form and cost is $40.00. Directors coming with no students will also be $40.00.


Must be a NAfME member to be able to register